Will Barras is an artist, illustrator and animation director living and working in London.

He grew up in Birmingham and moved to Bristol to study graphic design.

Will became one of a new crop of young artists working within Bristol's world renowned street art scene. This led to Will appearing in 'Scrawl' the book,  and becoming a founding member of the Scrawl collective. 'Scrawl' originally published in 1999 was a seminal book documenting a new movement in street art, graphics and illustration. He was chosen as one of the original artists for the collective, noted for his representations of fluid movement, unique narrative driven composition and line work. This has led Will to travel extensively, Live painting and exhibiting his paintings in Asia, throughout Europe and the U.S.

Will continues to Paint and Travel, following a grueling schedule and continually evolving his style and technique. Working closely with his gallery Stolen Space in East London. When Will isn't travelling and painting, he continues to take on commercial art projects which interest him, and Direct animated commercials at the Th1ng studio in central London.