UPCOMING 'Exile' by Spanish Street Artist David De La Mano

'Exile' by David De La Mano available 15.00 GMT on Thursday 27 November 2014

Reclaiming abandoned walls and buildings across the world, from Norway to Uruguay, David de la Mano’s murals use silhouettes of the human form to tell tales of mutual endeavour, captivity and community. Using diluted coffee as a basis for an exclusive new piece, his work now appears as an outstanding print.

Spanish street artist, David de la Mano has joined forces with Bristol, UK-based print project, Edition Fifty to commit one of his powerful images of symbolic, mass human behaviour to paper. A rapidly developing, worldwide reputation for his outdoor work has been earned through stirring, complex interventions in global cities, from his native Salamanca, Spain to Djerba, Tunisia.

The print partnership with Edition Fifty sees a new work, Exile available to enthusiasts of the world’s most progressive, exciting street artists for the first time.

Drawing directly from the style and subject matter seen in de la Mano’s large-scale murals, the artist sets his shadowy characters – occasionally part human/part tree – in an undetermined landscape, shared with shadows, cages and leashed dogs. Part cave painting and part cautionary fable, the painting combines diluted coffee, ink pen and watercolours to set the unfolding scene.


As a long-time collaborator with the founder of the Movimiento Señora, fellow Spanish street artist, Pablo S. Herrero, de la Mano’s practice focuses on areas that are abandoned or could be considered slums. In these overlooked places, the artist’s work depicts gatherings of faceless individuals that, when viewed as a whole, form beautiful, alternate forms or scenes. Hundreds of tiny bodies can easily come together to depict an eyeball or a human face. In many cases, the community of individuals are engaged in activities that set them in motion, whether climbing, pushing or walking as one. The effect is to entice the viewer to inspect the detail, as well as enjoying the whole.

David de la Mano says: “People are the theme of my work, especially human behaviour and the collectivism, conflicts and contradictions that we naturally encounter and try to resolve. I enjoy creating complex images, where a simple glance only sees the consolidated whole of what has been created. It is in the finer detail that the little stories intertwine with other, perhaps more confusing, plots.”

Edition Fifty will release the Exile to the public at 15.00 GMT on Thursday 27 November 2014, in a strictly limited edition of 50 high-quality editions.



  • A2 Giclee print by David De La Mano
  • Printed on 320gsm Smooth White paper
  • Signed & numbered
  • Edition of 50
  • £99 + P&P Shipped Worldwide 


*Anyone ordering more than 2 prints will be refused sale and refunded.

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Available 15:00 (BST) Thursday 25th September 2014 


Human Explosion by NYCHOS

  • Available 25/9/14 15:00 (BST) 
  • 60 x 42 CM, 5 Colour screen print on Munken Cream 300 g/m2 paper
  • Signed & numbered, edition of 50
  • £99 +P&P shipped Worldwide 

Artist Bio 

The Austrian urban art and graffiti illustrator Nychos was born in 1982 in Styria, Austria where he grew up in a hunting family. Getting confronted by the anatomy of dead animals at an early age and being an 80’s kid with an interest for cartoons and heavy metal ended up being some of the ingredients which inspired him when he started graffiti and painting at the age of 18. Over the years he developed a distinctive style which stands out - his dissections and cross sections of human and animal bodies are easily recognised. The focus and reinterpretation of dissected motives in a combination of colourful outlines can be seen as his branding.

“Uniting the comic character with how a body actually works is really interesting to me”. (Nychos)

He is well known for his huge and technically outstanding art pieces in the urban environment as well as several gallery exhibitions. In 2013 he had solo shows in Detroit (Inner State Gallery), New York (Mighty Tanaka) and Turin (Galo Art Gallery), besides traveling the world, painting in over 15 different cities and participating in Art Basel Miami Beach, Pow Wow Hawaii and many other events. He’s currently seen as one of the most soughtafter artists of the street art scene. In 2014 three solo shows in San Francisco (Fifty24SF), Singapore (Mighty Jaxx) and Paris (Open Space) are planned amongst a set of festivals, events, conferences and fairs.

Nychos is also part of international graffiti and urban illustration crews like “The Lords”“The Weird Crew” and “The Jukebox Cowboys”.


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