Print Preview 'Fucked Millennium' by Stanley Donwood

Available 15:00 (BST) Thursday 3rd July 2014 


'Fucked Millennium' by Stanley Donwood

  • 50 x 70 cm Giclée print
  • Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks
  • £122 + P&P Shipped worldwide 
  • Signed & numbered. Edition of 50

Edition Fifty are delighted to announce the release of “Fucked Millennium” a stunning new print by grammy award winning artist, Stanley Donwood.

Donwood gained recognition in 1994 when he began designing album art for Radiohead. His work has since been used for 15 singles, 9 EPs and various studio albums including The Bends, Kid A, OK Computer, and Hail to the Thief. His evocative and haunting imagery has helped to create one of music’s most distinctive brands.

As an artist he veers from propagandist graphics to introspective illustrations, but a consistent strength is its combination of deep personal and political emotions with modesty and humour; weighty subjects examined not entirely seriously but certainly respectfully. 

Stanley commented:

“Fucked Millennium is a remix of a copperplate etching I made called ‘prime residential’. The original was, of course, black and white, but for this excursion I have added some colours and shapes formed accidentally through biofilm fluorescence scans of brain cell activity from a series of experiments carried out at the University of Bath. Additional colours were obtained through chromotographical experiments I carried out myself.”

Mike (Director of Edition Fifty) commented:

“We are thrilled to be working with Stanley on our second print release.  The contrast of colours and multiple layers within this piece are simply beautiful and almost have to be seen to be believed.”  

“Fucked Millennium” by Stanley Donwood goes on sale on Thursday 3rd July at 3pm (BST)

Further artists who will be releasing prints over the coming months include Massive Attack’s Rob ‘3D’ Del Naja, Will Barras, Flying Fortress and Nychos among many more. 


Available Thursday 19th June 15:00 (GMT 0:00)


  • 92 x 92 cm Giclée print
  • Signed & numbered by the artist
  • Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks
  • £199 + P&P Shipped worldwide 
  • Edition of 50

The first print in three years by Bristol-based artist Mr Jago will launch, our exclusive new website selling limited-run digital and screen prints from some of the world’s most exciting and recognisable artists.

Edition Fifty will be working with artists spanning all art genres and mediums and each new release will be new and exclusive to Edition Fifty.


The Bristol based venture has been created by Mike Bennett, co founder of internationally-renowned street art event See No Evil and Weapon of Choice founder, Cheba.

Mike explains: “We have spent the last 12 months approaching a carefully selected list of artists to work with us on this new project; artists whose work we really love and would want to own ourselves. We’ve been blown away by the calibre of artists who’ve signed up with us and we can’t wait to release their work on the site over the coming months.”

Cheba added:It’s amazing to have Duncan [Mr Jago] on this exclusive run of his stunning new work ‘New Atlantis’. We have been working closely with the printers and scanners to perfect every colour and get the right size and paper weight for the work. Producing a print of this size, has meant we’ve been able to pick out every detail. Given the fact Duncan rarely releases a print, and his work continues to receive interest all over the globe, we’re sure it will be very sought after and the perfect print to launch Edition Fifty.

Further artists who will be releasing limited run of prints over the coming weeks include Massive Attack’s Rob Del Naja, Will Barras, Emmy award-winning Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood and street artists, Nychos and Flying Fortress.

Cheba continued:We will be releasing a new print by a different artist every fortnight. As the name suggests, each print will be an exclusive edition of just fifty.  We believe by limiting the run in this way will make them desirable and sought after prints that people would want to own and cherish.


About “New Atlantis” (by the artist, Mr Jago)

When "New Atlantis" was first shown publically, I was struck by the optimism most viewers saw in the work.  Struck, not because the piece is without cheer, but pleasantly surprised that more positive sentiments than my own dominate public opinion.  When I titled "New Atlantis", I was thinking about our wondrous world sinking under flood waters – nature turning on us for being poor custodians of its resources and beauty.  However, I was recently reminded that my painting shares a title with an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon.  Bacon envisioned the future as a place of learning and discovery, a place of where humankind would achieve its ideals.”

Thinking about the tension between my understanding of the painting versus how the piece had been received, and what a New Atlantis meant to Bacon, it seemed apt to see my "New Atlantis" resized and reproduced for this print run – 50 new versions of my painting, inviting 50 new re-readings and re-interpretations of a work that both soars with optimism and heaves with despair.” - Mr Jago