Upcoming print 'Fossilised Fight' by Andy Council


  • 3 Colour screen print on Gold paper
  • Signed and numbered. Edition of 50
  • 45 x 63 cm print on high quality Gold paper. 
  • Printing directly onto Gold paper has allowed us to achieve a Gold that wouldn't of been possible through printing 
  • Fossilised Fight by Andy Council will be available 15:00 (London Time) Thursday 30th July

Andy Council Strikes Gold: Stunning metallic screen-print home for the Artist’s latest fantastical creatures

10 years on from his breakthrough with the ‘Bristol Dinosaur’ that kick started a series of high-profile wall pieces in his home city, artist Andy Council, joins UK print project Edition Fifty to bring more of his otherworldy creatures to the walls of people’s homes.

The Portishead cranes, the Cabot Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge were all included in Andy Council’s breakthrough work, Bristol Dinosaur in 2005, which depicted the city as a rampaging, prehistoric beast. Since then, and numerous dinosaurs later, the artist brings an example of a new, oriental-influenced work as a stunning screen print with specialist street art print project, Edition Fifty.

The discovery in Mongolia of a 3D fossil that forever preserved the figures of a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor in mortal combat forms the basis of Council’s newest print release, Fossilised Fight. Having since deviated from the style and subject-matter that first made his name, Edition Fifty has inspired him to return to his roots. The outcome is two new, feathered creatures that are simultaneously more faithful to what archaeologists think dinosaurs looked like, yet draws heavily on Far Eastern decorative influences.

Screen printed onto gold paper, the print evokes the sumptuous silks and ceramics of classical Chinese arts and crafts, while also revealing the dramatic movement in the struggle between a hunter and its prey.

Council’s starting point for creatures that consist of numerous component parts, otherwise unrelated to the animal, began with an illustration commission from a recycling organisation. Being asked to draw a dinosaur from rubbish, what was became the Bristol Dinosaur was born. Several incarnations of the creature followed, including a sculptural version at the M-Shed museum and the mixed-media Ultra Bristol Dinosaur. The print arrives at a time that Council works on one of his biggest commissions yet, a double wall mural to celebrate the opening of the MediCinema at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for the charity, CW+.

The years since have seen the artist create an Ice Cream Dragon spray piece in Birmingham, a kite that reflects its surroundings in the idyllic Savoie region of France and now his latest creations are available to buy as part of the affordable Edition Fifty street art print series.

Andy Council says: “Being asked to make a piece of work like mural pieces I’ve done before was interesting as I've moved on from that style of working. It has been fascinating to revisit and develop those ideas though, and fun to do two creatures instead of just the one. Especially having them locked in combat. I like the flow and movement of this struggle, which also reminds me of some tattoo designs I had seen of birds and prey attacking rabbits.”

Fossilised Fight by Andy Council will be released to the public at 15.00 GMT on Thursday 30 July 2015 http://www.editionfifty.com in a strictly limited edition of 50, high-quality prints.

Cheba Bristol, of Edition Fifty, says: “There are few contemporary artworks like Andy’s dinosaur that are as well known to the people of Bristol, but he is so much more than his most famous work. Taking that as his launchpad, Andy has painted internationally to bring joy to gallery visitors, communities and private collectors, working in his highly-detailed, hand-drawn style to share his own, vivid and playful imagination with the world.”

'Fossilised Fight' by Andy Council
  • 3 colour screen print on Gold paper
  • 45 x 63 cm 
  • Signed & numbered
  • Edition of fifty



*Anyone ordering more than 2 prints will be refused sale and refunded.

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