Upcoming print 'Fossilised Fight' by Andy Council


  • 3 Colour screen print on Gold paper
  • Signed and numbered. Edition of 50
  • 45 x 63 cm print on high quality Gold paper. 
  • Printing directly onto Gold paper has allowed us to achieve a Gold that wouldn't of been possible through printing 
  • Fossilised Fight by Andy Council will be available 15:00 (London Time) Thursday 30th July

Andy Council Strikes Gold: Stunning metallic screen-print home for the Artist’s latest fantastical creatures

10 years on from his breakthrough with the ‘Bristol Dinosaur’ that kick started a series of high-profile wall pieces in his home city, artist Andy Council, joins UK print project Edition Fifty to bring more of his otherworldy creatures to the walls of people’s homes.

The Portishead cranes, the Cabot Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge were all included in Andy Council’s breakthrough work, Bristol Dinosaur in 2005, which depicted the city as a rampaging, prehistoric beast. Since then, and numerous dinosaurs later, the artist brings an example of a new, oriental-influenced work as a stunning screen print with specialist street art print project, Edition Fifty.

The discovery in Mongolia of a 3D fossil that forever preserved the figures of a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor in mortal combat forms the basis of Council’s newest print release, Fossilised Fight. Having since deviated from the style and subject-matter that first made his name, Edition Fifty has inspired him to return to his roots. The outcome is two new, feathered creatures that are simultaneously more faithful to what archaeologists think dinosaurs looked like, yet draws heavily on Far Eastern decorative influences.

Screen printed onto gold paper, the print evokes the sumptuous silks and ceramics of classical Chinese arts and crafts, while also revealing the dramatic movement in the struggle between a hunter and its prey.

Council’s starting point for creatures that consist of numerous component parts, otherwise unrelated to the animal, began with an illustration commission from a recycling organisation. Being asked to draw a dinosaur from rubbish, what was became the Bristol Dinosaur was born. Several incarnations of the creature followed, including a sculptural version at the M-Shed museum and the mixed-media Ultra Bristol Dinosaur. The print arrives at a time that Council works on one of his biggest commissions yet, a double wall mural to celebrate the opening of the MediCinema at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for the charity, CW+.

The years since have seen the artist create an Ice Cream Dragon spray piece in Birmingham, a kite that reflects its surroundings in the idyllic Savoie region of France and now his latest creations are available to buy as part of the affordable Edition Fifty street art print series.

Andy Council says: “Being asked to make a piece of work like mural pieces I’ve done before was interesting as I've moved on from that style of working. It has been fascinating to revisit and develop those ideas though, and fun to do two creatures instead of just the one. Especially having them locked in combat. I like the flow and movement of this struggle, which also reminds me of some tattoo designs I had seen of birds and prey attacking rabbits.”

Fossilised Fight by Andy Council will be released to the public at 15.00 GMT on Thursday 30 July 2015 http://www.editionfifty.com in a strictly limited edition of 50, high-quality prints.

Cheba Bristol, of Edition Fifty, says: “There are few contemporary artworks like Andy’s dinosaur that are as well known to the people of Bristol, but he is so much more than his most famous work. Taking that as his launchpad, Andy has painted internationally to bring joy to gallery visitors, communities and private collectors, working in his highly-detailed, hand-drawn style to share his own, vivid and playful imagination with the world.”

'Fossilised Fight' by Andy Council
  • 3 colour screen print on Gold paper
  • 45 x 63 cm 
  • Signed & numbered
  • Edition of fifty



*Anyone ordering more than 2 prints will be refused sale and refunded.

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UPCOMING 'Exile' by Spanish Street Artist David De La Mano

'Exile' by David De La Mano available 15.00 GMT on Thursday 27 November 2014

Reclaiming abandoned walls and buildings across the world, from Norway to Uruguay, David de la Mano’s murals use silhouettes of the human form to tell tales of mutual endeavour, captivity and community. Using diluted coffee as a basis for an exclusive new piece, his work now appears as an outstanding print.

Spanish street artist, David de la Mano has joined forces with Bristol, UK-based print project, Edition Fifty to commit one of his powerful images of symbolic, mass human behaviour to paper. A rapidly developing, worldwide reputation for his outdoor work has been earned through stirring, complex interventions in global cities, from his native Salamanca, Spain to Djerba, Tunisia.

The print partnership with Edition Fifty sees a new work, Exile available to enthusiasts of the world’s most progressive, exciting street artists for the first time.

Drawing directly from the style and subject matter seen in de la Mano’s large-scale murals, the artist sets his shadowy characters – occasionally part human/part tree – in an undetermined landscape, shared with shadows, cages and leashed dogs. Part cave painting and part cautionary fable, the painting combines diluted coffee, ink pen and watercolours to set the unfolding scene.


As a long-time collaborator with the founder of the Movimiento Señora, fellow Spanish street artist, Pablo S. Herrero, de la Mano’s practice focuses on areas that are abandoned or could be considered slums. In these overlooked places, the artist’s work depicts gatherings of faceless individuals that, when viewed as a whole, form beautiful, alternate forms or scenes. Hundreds of tiny bodies can easily come together to depict an eyeball or a human face. In many cases, the community of individuals are engaged in activities that set them in motion, whether climbing, pushing or walking as one. The effect is to entice the viewer to inspect the detail, as well as enjoying the whole.

David de la Mano says: “People are the theme of my work, especially human behaviour and the collectivism, conflicts and contradictions that we naturally encounter and try to resolve. I enjoy creating complex images, where a simple glance only sees the consolidated whole of what has been created. It is in the finer detail that the little stories intertwine with other, perhaps more confusing, plots.”

Edition Fifty will release the Exile to the public at 15.00 GMT on Thursday 27 November 2014, in a strictly limited edition of 50 high-quality editions.



  • A2 Giclee print by David De La Mano
  • Printed on 320gsm Smooth White paper
  • Signed & numbered
  • Edition of 50
  • £99 + P&P Shipped Worldwide 


*Anyone ordering more than 2 prints will be refused sale and refunded.

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Print Preview 'Spark' by Dan Hillier



    • 1 colour screen print with added gold leaf detail
    • Printed on Somerset Satin White 300gsm smooth paper
    • Signed & Numbered
    • Edition of Fifty
    • Released 15:00 (BST) Thursday 13th November

    Renowned for exploring the realms of Victoriana and the depths of monochrome, London-based artist, Dan Hillier explores the origins of life in his new work, exclusively available via Edition Fifty.

    The glory of providing the defining image of a number one album, Royal Blood’s self-titled bestseller from August this year, has further raised the already impressive stock of artist, Dan Hillier. Accompanying that now, near iconic piece in Hillier’s impressive body of work is Spark, a print produced in signature monochrome and available from Thursday 13 November 2014 via Edition Fifty.

    Having already established himself as an illustrator of intriguing depths, going from working with Louis Vuitton and the Louvre to hosting his own Victorian disguise party at a London music hall, Hillier has made his mark on the art, illustration and design worlds, not to mention those of fashion and music. His partner on this special edition is Edition Fifty, an outlet for exclusive, signed work by the world’s leading artists in runs of just 50 high-quality prints. 

    Centred on the image of a skeleton, Hillier uses his trademark technique of creating a digital collage of various scanned elements after raiding his archive of Victorian pages of etchings and woodcut prints from publications of that time. The result is a new piece of work that pays respect to the craft of the original artists, yet exaggerates the occasionally macabre, yet intricately beautiful, notes to be found in work of the period. For Spark, Hillier points to speculation about the beginnings of life on earth as his primary influence. 

    He says: “Spark is partly a simple nod to the fact of the universal physical structure that we all carry around with us underneath our infinitely differing appearances.  I was reading a little about Nobel-winning scientist Francis Crick's theory of the origin of life on this planet being seeded from outer space, and the idea of DNA being sent out from an ancient intelligence as a means of spreading life and information further throughout the cosmos.  I’ve also been absorbing some of the Gnostic philosophy that talks about man containing a spark of the Divine trapped in physical matter, seeking its way back to enlightened union with the Absolute.” 

    Perhaps the detail, drawing the eye to the delicate gold line work over the deep black of space behind it, denotes a window on the soul, another world or the origins of the universe? Hillier is open to interpretation, saying: “It's often not until later that this stuff becomes properly clear to me.  I’m interested in the geometry that underlies all of nature, there seems to be a principle of order within all the chaos.”

    The way of setting out to create a new work with an openness to how a piece will - often surprisingly - take shape, permeates Hillier’s creative attitude and reflects his diverse career to date, meandering through collaborations with Shangri-La, the immersive fictional world of the Glastonbury Festival, and exhibitions in his native London as well as internationally in cities like New York, Paris and Turin. Now that a platinum disc is on its way for his contribution to the fastest selling rock album of the last three years, Hillier’s world is becoming a little more bizarre, and no less remarkable. 

    On working with Hillier, Edition Fifty’s Cheba Bristol, said: “Dan is an incredible artist and all of his work is undeniably his. Looking at Spark as a prime example of what he does, the literary references and spiritual plain he occupies forms a web of complex ideas represented something that is quite simple in its aesthetic grandeur. He uses vintage, Victorian imagery without ever being considered gothic or retrospective, by being sensitive to what’s happening in the here and now, which means street artists, graphic designers and musicians love his work equally.”

    Spark will be released by Edition Fifty as a hand pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset soft-white paper, with an added gold layer and will be available to order online at http://www.editionfifty.com from 15.00 GMT on Thursday 13 November 2014.

    Available now:

    Upcoming - 'HUMAN EXPLOSION' by NYCHOS

    Available 15:00 (BST) Thursday 25th September 2014 


    Human Explosion by NYCHOS

    • Available 25/9/14 15:00 (BST) 
    • 60 x 42 CM, 5 Colour screen print on Munken Cream 300 g/m2 paper
    • Signed & numbered, edition of 50
    • £99 +P&P shipped Worldwide 

    Artist Bio 

    The Austrian urban art and graffiti illustrator Nychos was born in 1982 in Styria, Austria where he grew up in a hunting family. Getting confronted by the anatomy of dead animals at an early age and being an 80’s kid with an interest for cartoons and heavy metal ended up being some of the ingredients which inspired him when he started graffiti and painting at the age of 18. Over the years he developed a distinctive style which stands out - his dissections and cross sections of human and animal bodies are easily recognised. The focus and reinterpretation of dissected motives in a combination of colourful outlines can be seen as his branding.

    “Uniting the comic character with how a body actually works is really interesting to me”. (Nychos)

    He is well known for his huge and technically outstanding art pieces in the urban environment as well as several gallery exhibitions. In 2013 he had solo shows in Detroit (Inner State Gallery), New York (Mighty Tanaka) and Turin (Galo Art Gallery), besides traveling the world, painting in over 15 different cities and participating in Art Basel Miami Beach, Pow Wow Hawaii and many other events. He’s currently seen as one of the most soughtafter artists of the street art scene. In 2014 three solo shows in San Francisco (Fifty24SF), Singapore (Mighty Jaxx) and Paris (Open Space) are planned amongst a set of festivals, events, conferences and fairs.

    Nychos is also part of international graffiti and urban illustration crews like “The Lords”“The Weird Crew” and “The Jukebox Cowboys”.


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    'Goya & His Dog' by Will Barras

    • 63 x 80 cm Giclée print
    • Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks
    • £150 + P&P shipped worldwide 
    • Signed & numbered. Edition of 50

    "This painting is inspired by 'The Dog' by Goya, a painting he did on the wall of his house towards the end of his life.

    It's a mysterious painting. The dogs head is very small at the bottom of the composition almost completely enveloped by a large dark mass. 

    Some people think the dog is drowning or half buried, representing mans futile struggle against forces beyond his control.

    But maybe he was just asking his owner to take him out for a walk, so here is Goya taking his dog for a walk." - Will Barras 

    Artist bio.

    Available now

    Print Preview 'Fucked Millennium' by Stanley Donwood

    Available 15:00 (BST) Thursday 3rd July 2014 


    'Fucked Millennium' by Stanley Donwood

    • 50 x 70 cm Giclée print
    • Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks
    • £122 + P&P Shipped worldwide 
    • Signed & numbered. Edition of 50

    Edition Fifty are delighted to announce the release of “Fucked Millennium” a stunning new print by grammy award winning artist, Stanley Donwood.

    Donwood gained recognition in 1994 when he began designing album art for Radiohead. His work has since been used for 15 singles, 9 EPs and various studio albums including The Bends, Kid A, OK Computer, and Hail to the Thief. His evocative and haunting imagery has helped to create one of music’s most distinctive brands.

    As an artist he veers from propagandist graphics to introspective illustrations, but a consistent strength is its combination of deep personal and political emotions with modesty and humour; weighty subjects examined not entirely seriously but certainly respectfully. 

    Stanley commented:

    “Fucked Millennium is a remix of a copperplate etching I made called ‘prime residential’. The original was, of course, black and white, but for this excursion I have added some colours and shapes formed accidentally through biofilm fluorescence scans of brain cell activity from a series of experiments carried out at the University of Bath. Additional colours were obtained through chromotographical experiments I carried out myself.”

    Mike (Director of Edition Fifty) commented:

    “We are thrilled to be working with Stanley on our second print release.  The contrast of colours and multiple layers within this piece are simply beautiful and almost have to be seen to be believed.”  

    “Fucked Millennium” by Stanley Donwood goes on sale on Thursday 3rd July at 3pm (BST)

    Further artists who will be releasing prints over the coming months include Massive Attack’s Rob ‘3D’ Del Naja, Will Barras, Flying Fortress and Nychos among many more. 


    Available Thursday 19th June 15:00 (GMT 0:00)


    • 92 x 92 cm Giclée print
    • Signed & numbered by the artist
    • Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks
    • £199 + P&P Shipped worldwide 
    • Edition of 50

    The first print in three years by Bristol-based artist Mr Jago will launch EditionFifty.com, our exclusive new website selling limited-run digital and screen prints from some of the world’s most exciting and recognisable artists.

    Edition Fifty will be working with artists spanning all art genres and mediums and each new release will be new and exclusive to Edition Fifty.


    The Bristol based venture has been created by Mike Bennett, co founder of internationally-renowned street art event See No Evil and Weapon of Choice founder, Cheba.

    Mike explains: “We have spent the last 12 months approaching a carefully selected list of artists to work with us on this new project; artists whose work we really love and would want to own ourselves. We’ve been blown away by the calibre of artists who’ve signed up with us and we can’t wait to release their work on the site over the coming months.”

    Cheba added:It’s amazing to have Duncan [Mr Jago] on this exclusive run of his stunning new work ‘New Atlantis’. We have been working closely with the printers and scanners to perfect every colour and get the right size and paper weight for the work. Producing a print of this size, has meant we’ve been able to pick out every detail. Given the fact Duncan rarely releases a print, and his work continues to receive interest all over the globe, we’re sure it will be very sought after and the perfect print to launch Edition Fifty.

    Further artists who will be releasing limited run of prints over the coming weeks include Massive Attack’s Rob Del Naja, Will Barras, Emmy award-winning Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood and street artists, Nychos and Flying Fortress.

    Cheba continued:We will be releasing a new print by a different artist every fortnight. As the name suggests, each print will be an exclusive edition of just fifty.  We believe by limiting the run in this way will make them desirable and sought after prints that people would want to own and cherish.


    About “New Atlantis” (by the artist, Mr Jago)

    When "New Atlantis" was first shown publically, I was struck by the optimism most viewers saw in the work.  Struck, not because the piece is without cheer, but pleasantly surprised that more positive sentiments than my own dominate public opinion.  When I titled "New Atlantis", I was thinking about our wondrous world sinking under flood waters – nature turning on us for being poor custodians of its resources and beauty.  However, I was recently reminded that my painting shares a title with an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon.  Bacon envisioned the future as a place of learning and discovery, a place of where humankind would achieve its ideals.”

    Thinking about the tension between my understanding of the painting versus how the piece had been received, and what a New Atlantis meant to Bacon, it seemed apt to see my "New Atlantis" resized and reproduced for this print run – 50 new versions of my painting, inviting 50 new re-readings and re-interpretations of a work that both soars with optimism and heaves with despair.” - Mr Jago